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I need to initialize the infosource 2LIS_11_VASCL on a new BW system called System C. This system has been created as below :

System A (current BW production System) has been copied to system B (new BW development system).

System B (new BW development system) has been copied to System C (new BW production system).

One init has been done in System A (one entry exists in table RSSDLINIT).

One init has been done in System B for testing.

Now, in System C, I see entries of both systems A and B in the scheduler of the infopackage (initialization options for source system). In table RSSDLINIT, I can see also those 2 inits.

In R/3, there is only one entry in RSA7 related to system A.


1) Do the entries that are in System C are the result of the several clients copy between systems (from A to B to C??)

2) Can I delete those entries in system C without any risks on the delta queue related to system A ?

3) If I tried to exectute Infopackage for the init in system C, I received a message saying that deltas are already loaded for request coming from system A. This is normal because it is our current BW Production system.

Thanks for your help,


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To have a fresh start, pull the data in the delta queues so that they are empty.

Delete all the inits (due to the client copy) and then again reinit without data transfer. Now reset the delta.



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Hi Kedar,

If I understand you well, I need to load to system A the delta so that RSA7 for system A is empty.

When I am in system C, the inits of system B and system A can't be deleted because they are coming from client copy. After deletion, I do an init without data transfer in system C in order to initialize system C.

In system C, I will make a full repair (ODS object) via data mart - data are coming from system A.

By doing so, there is no risk to delete the current init and delta queue of system A.

Thanks for your advies.