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Ini / Exit Button Agentry 6.1.4 For Windows Mobile 6.5

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we have a specific requirement for our in house Agentry application. We need to hide or block some buttons when the agentry application is running:

  • the exit button from menu

  • the menu button on taskbar

  • the exit button from loggin screen

  • The windows button

We are running agentry 6.1.4 (Smp 2.3 SP04) on CN70 Intermec with windows embedded handeld 6.5.

Thx a lot for your reply.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is not possible to hide the Buttons you point out.  But if you have can have a software on the device that does kiosk to if users do close the client they are only limited to what applications they can open.

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