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InfoSpoke Multiple Selections

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I have an InfoSpoke that runs once a year but for this year I need to change my "Selection" Tab. For example I need to filter by material number by multiple selections. I need a CSV file that filters my infocube data by 10 particular materials. How do I do this? I have searched a lot but I have found nothing. I can only seem to only provide a range or a single material number. I need multiple materials.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you have an indicator for the materials (in P table or somewhere else) to set include in your infospoke, then you can try "infospoke with transformation using badi" to eliminate the unwanted materials.

Hope this helps

Help note :

Indicator: InfoSpoke with Transformation Step

Setting this indicator for an InfoSpoke executes a transformation step between extracting the data and transferring it to an Open Hub Destination. The transformation takes place within a BAdI. You have to create an implementation of the BAdI specifically for an InfoSpoke.


When this indicator is set for the first time, the implementation of a BAdI of type OPENHUB_TRANSFORM is created. You reach the dialog for maintaining BAdI implementation (transaction SE19). The method to be implemented is called TRANSFORM. Read the description of the procedure in the online documentation for more information. Also refer to the BAdIs Documentation in Customizing.


In the following implementation, a counter OHCOUNT is added to the extracted data of InfoSpoke MYSPOKE. To do this, the field OHCOUNT was added to the target structure /BIC/CZMYSPOKE in the DataDictionary.

method if_ex_openhub_transform~transform .

data: l_count type sy-tabix,

l_s_data_in type /bic/cymyspoke,

l_s_data_out type /bic/czmyspoke.

data l_dummy.

message i899(rsbo) with 'exit started' into l_dummy.

i_r_log->add_sy_message( ).

clear e_t_data_out.

loop at i_t_data_in into l_s_data_in.

move-corresponding l_s_data_in to l_s_data_out.

l_s_data_out-ohcount = sy-tabix.

insert l_s_data_out into table e_t_data_out.


message i899(rsbo) with 'exit finished' into l_dummy.

i_r_log->add_sy_message( ).


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A BADI seems to be the only solution I could think of. I was hoping there was a simpler way to do it. I have never done a BADI so I'm just a little worried about that approach.


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ok I see.

here is another way (longer one, no BaDI, little start routine code) .

copy your cube,

create transformation to feed your new cube from the old one.

use a start routine to eliminate the materials that you do not want in your new cube.

( for that purpose, you may put an attribute to your material char, like an X )

load your data to the new cube, and build your infospoke on this new cube.

hope this might help.


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wow thanks! I'm loving all the options.

Do you have any others? I'm always looking for a way to make my life easier.

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your welcome.

you may use a table as your target for infospoke.

write a little program to delete unwanted data from that table.

then export the data from that table to a file.

or you can do this in excel

could be?

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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hello Joe,

Go the selection tab in ur infospoke and click on the material number infoobejct and click on the + button at the button of your selction window

it will add the material number infoobject agian and u can assign a new material number.

similarly u can assign the 10 material number need for ur selection.

I hope it will sove ur issue..

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Thanks a lot for your response. The only problem is in fact its way more than 10. I need to input 20, 000 different materials and that process is not practical. Is there any other way for me to do this?

I assumed like in most SAP screens I could import a file with the list but I can't seem to do that.