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Infospoke extraction delay

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Hi Experts,

We have an Infospoke that extracts data from an Infocube and writes an output text file through a transformation. The destination is the application server.

Usually this Infospoke completes in 9 hours . This time it has been running for more than 36 hours without extracting any data.

Following were our observations:

1. The Oracle session monitor in ST04 shows the status of process as active and also reflects changes in the 'logical reads' and physical reads.

2. The transformation and the infospoke have not been transported in the recent past .

3. We have verified by using a query with the same filter conditions that data exists in the Infocube for the selection criteria specified.

Would be thankful for any insight and suggestions to resolve.



System environment is BW 3.5

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This is a BW question and belongs in that space.

I will move this thread

Tammy (Moderator)