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infosource --> update rules assignment error

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Hello BW Experts,

I have created a datasource from DBconnect. assigned to to a infosource. trying to assign the infosource to update rules.

I get a error message that it does exist in rsis table. but i see the entries in RSIS table.

Please suggest how to solve this error.



Entry ZFIL_G7 does not exist in RSIS - check your entry

Message no. 00058


Input values must be defined in Table RSIS. The value or values 'ZFIL_G7 ' are not specified in this table.


Check whether the input is correct and correct if necessary.

Procedure for System Administration

If this is not an incorrect entry, check the system settings and change them if necessary.

If there is a connection to the Customizing system, you can maintain the system settings by choosing Customizing in the Performance Assistant or Maintain Entries (F5) when displaying the help in a modal dialog box.

RSIS table entry:


InfoSource ZFIL_G7

Version A

Application comp. 0FIK_LM

Comm. structure ZFIL_G7

Person Respons. Flogeto

Last changed by Flogeto

UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) 20,060,914,184,157

Content release

Cont.time stamp 0


InfoSource type (generated from ODS / InfoCube / ...)


Short description Coeus INV,Sci,unit c

Medium description

view from db connect for fi tables

Long description view from db connect for fi tables

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check if your SAP DDIC table on BW is mapped to the Database you are trying to connect.. Check if you are pointing to the right database tables.



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