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Infoset Creation in BI 7.0 with 2cubes , 1 DSO and a Master Data oBjects

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Hi Experts,

I have a requirement:

To get the Work Order Activity from PM, and their corresponding Work Order numbers, Cost Centers and the Amounts associated from CO module like CCA and WBS6 datasources.

I thought about this solution:

Link the 0PM_C03 with the MD- 0PM_ORDER as a left outer join

and inner join 0PM_C03 with ZTXN_O01 - DSO(based on 0CCA9DSO) and Innerjoin to the ZWBS_C20 .

Is it ok to include 2 infocubes ,1 DSO and 1 MD object in an Infoset. Performance may be worst.. but i cannot think of any other solution.........

Multiprovider does not solve my purpose as it gives 2 records when you identify Work Order number in PM and CO modules. By using an Infoset we can link WO in PM to WO in CO.

Please guide me.....



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Bala,

Typically PM data sources are very high volume. Using InfoSets can lead to serious performance issues, as well as duplicates (especially for time dependant objects).

Have you tried using the Analysis Process Designer. There is some ways that you can filter data and have a better performance based on your selection criteria.


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Thanks for replying.......

I will look into the option ...

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