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Infoset based query repeated Key Figure

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Hi all,

I have a DSO with AP total amounts per Company, Vendor and Fiscal Year. I join this DSO via an Infoset with the AR Line Items DSO. The idea is to create an AR Aging Report adding a column for the total AP Amount at the end.

Aging works fine but, as expected, the Infoset includes the same AP Amount for every item in every AR Document:

Company Code | Customer | Document No. | Item No. | Aging bucket | AP Amount

C1 | U1 | D1 | 01 | $240.00 | $200.00

C1 | U1 | D1 | 02 | $120.00 | $200.00

C1 | U1 | D1 | 03 | $50.00   | $200.00

When the report runs with Document/Item it looks fine but, as expected again, when I take out the Document and Item and go to the Company Code/Customer level, the AP Amount = $600.00.

I want the AP Amount to show always $200.00, for that Company Code/Customer.

I assume this would be very easy but I should be missing something since I've tried several combinations of Properties (Exception Aggregation, Display Results As and Display Single Values As) without success.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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Did you try Nested exception aggregation. Formula on AP amount key figure with document number as reference char. and last value. Now take this key figure and do one more level of exception agg. with reference char Item no.

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Thanks Dilip. Excellent suggestion. That seemed to do the trick.