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Information Design Tool and MSSQL

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Hi All,

I am trying the relational database connection for MSSQL 2008 using the IDT, the end result is that I have a universe (unx) available for webi reports that acess the MSSQL db.

My first step was to try this scenario on my local PC where I have installed MSSQL 2008 and BO4.0 client tools (IDT 14.0.4.v20120611-0738)

To achieve this I beleive the following must be done:

- Create a DSN on your local machine to point to the sql server (I have created this connection as a ODBC System DSN using the SQL native client 10 - connection test is successful)

- Create a relational database connection of type ms sql, now the properties are as follows:

  - username is host\username, this user is a windows user that has rights to the database

  - password is the actual password of the above mentioned username

  - server is host:port with the default port 1433 being used (I did not change this during installation of ms sql)

  - database, I have selected the default master database

Unfortunately I get the error ""

With my search I reached the post In the post they create a relational db connection by starting a BO session. So can someone help with the following question, please:

- Does this mean its not possible to create a connection on your own and you have to create a session logging into the BO server?

- Do I need to install the SQL native client tools and create a system DSN connection on the BOBJ server?

- Were does the log file the above mentioned error get stored?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Re-installed Client tools and OLE DB & ODBC connections were then available and those work.

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