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Information Broadcasting

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Dear sir

We would like to distribute BI contents by E-mail.

I've investgated the documents for Information Broadcasting.

It seems that this funcation needs Knowledge Managemet(KM).

We implemented only Enterprise Portal.

Can we use information broadcasitng which we can distribute BI contents by E-mail without KM?

It seems that Web application designer and BEx query desiner can be called Bex Broadcaster...

Bex Broadcaster come from BW function or KM ?

I would like to know whather Information broadcasting need KM or not.

If you know answer for my question, please let me know...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To use information broadcasting by e-mail, you need the component SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP BW). If you want to make Business Intelligence content available through SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) you also need the components SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal and SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management. For more information on the technical requirements, see>SAP NetWeaver->Release 04->Installation->Installation Guide – SAP Business Information Warehouse 3.5.



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Thank you for your replay.

I have one questions.

Our BW Web applications are integrated in Enterprise Portal as iView.

Can I call Bex Broadcaster from this applications in EP??

I want to distribute them by E-mail without Knowledge Managemt.

Best Reagrds

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Hi Yuki!

both BW web reports and Bex workbook (excel format) can be distributed via <u><b>e-mail</b></u> without EP or KM.

for distributing Bex workbook, you need to install the Precalculation Service. For detailed information about the configuration please refer:

there is a BW standard web template available for the broadcaster, you can very very easily integrate it into EP.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi,    I want to email a BI Report from SAP Portal in Excel Format thru Send button.Unfortunately the Send button is not working, it gives a Red circle- without giving any error. and no mail go sent.  Can anybody suggest where might be the issue ?   I could not able to derive the solution from above answer.  Thanks in Advance. Sateesh

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Any inputs in this regard is much appreciated. .    After I am give email id and execute i am getting below message  No messagse found for log handle 051MYW0L7jAMbCfFlok2uW   and popup window shows as 'No Long Text Available'  I request to provide your valuable inputs for my above query  Thank you Sateesh