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Information broadcasting???

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Hi gurus,

After reading many posts and documents...i acquired some knowledge on IB...i want someone to comment on my understanding and correct me if i am wrong.

Information broadcasting.

After creating a query and running we will have the result this result can be sent to emails

Lets say for example we have a sales revenue query so we schedule it to run everyday at the closing time throug information broadcasting and publish them to the emials of our Sales force.

as per the scheduled time the Information broadcastor will run the query and distribute the result to the assigned emails. this is like Reporting agent we have in which we can schedule our reports to run and send alerts to our BW users (exception reporting)

am i right.

plz confirm and correct me if iam wrong.

and the last thing what is the difference between webreporting and Information broadcasting and also when we use the term Publishing does that refers to sending report to emails or else give the queries to Enterprise portal

my understanding is that web reporting we will display the query in a Internet explorer and through Information broadcaster we will send it to emails on a regular interval like say every day evening.

thanks and regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Neel!

Your reasoning is right...

BEx Information Broadcasting is the Business Explorer component you use to distribute BI objects that were generated with the various BEx tools.

Reporting Agent is something less comlex, but, right, some functionalities are the same: for this reason IB replaces it !

About WEB reporting and IB, take a look to the picture inside the first link (anyway, once again, you are right: IB is a tool that helps to distribute (also) web query...)

Hope now is clearer..



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Answers (1)

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