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InfoPackage issue

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Hi ,

I am facing a starnge issue, Issue as below.

I am loading data directly to two cubes from the same data source with one info package,

In Ecc couple of days back we had changes to exisisting WBS elements and i tried to load data to two cubes for one cube data is going fine and for other cube loading is fine and transfered records and adde are fine but i still see the old enties of WBS data in the cube.

The load is full load and old request are deleted and new requests are added daily.when i try loading manually it is going fine ,but through process chains the same thing is repeating.Please Suggest.


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Answers (3)

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Hi Nag,

Have you included Change run step in the PC? If not include the same in PC after loading and include 0WBS_ELEMT in the variant. If the Infopackage is run manually, the hierarchy gets activated. If run through PC, this has to be activated separately. Hope this resolves your issue.

If ACR step for this element is already included, are you facing this issue for the first time?



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Hi Nagarjun,

Check Process chain consistency after changes and confirm that all variant and nodes in process chain are correctly defined. If there are duplicate records in cube and values are getting summed up then you can use "Delete Overlapping Requests from InfoCube" option in process chain.



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I am just guessing but you can validate at your end

1. you need to check whether there is any change in the update rule and process chain iot is not reflected..

just try to reactivate the process chain ..

2. Else Try to debug for one WBS record and it will show you what is the issue?You can simulate the records ..debug through DTP if you are already in BI7..

Thanks and regards