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InfoPackage in Process Chain Error

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I am working on a 3.1 Dev system which was copied from the Production system. The R/3 system was also copied.


R/3. LD1 --> LD3

BW. LD6 --> LD5

The process chain is for Master Data Attributes.

The problem i'm having is that the infopackage runs perfectly when scheduled manualy. But, when it is run in the process chain it says it cannot run because of the following error.

"Source system LD1050 is incorrect; not possible to load data"

I had a similar problem with ODS activation which i resolved by running RSRV but cannot seem to figure out how the infopackage can be corrected.

Any help will be appreciated.



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Hi Anand,

Try to create a new infopackage with same parameters...

and this infopakage scheduled in Chain.

After Chain creation ..plz check chain once is there any errors it will throws there itself..If everything is fine Then activate the chain.


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Thatz exactly what I did, But I was wondering if there was a way to do it without making changes to the chain.

Gave you points anyway.