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Infoobject deletion

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Hello All,

I have following problem.

Transport fail with the error.

Still used in DataStore Object ZRZMSHO1 (Used by)

InfoObject ZADR00458 cannot be deleted because of references

InfoObject ZADR00351: Type changed even though InfoObject still in use

Now we removed it from the DSO & trying to transport still transport is not successful.

Then we tried to delete but it just remove the object from the administrator but all table /BIC/S , data element , dmain still exist for these infoobjects....

Any idea why ?????

I think if we delete the infoobject then it should remove everything I mean SID table, data element & domain.

Thanks & Regards,


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Is that a custom infoobject? After deleting the infoobject, did your transport go through.


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PS - Make dead sure that there is no reference for that infoobject and that infoobject aint gonna be used no more.

steps -



3)Click Clock for entries

4)from Menu select delete

After you click the clock ,execute button it gives you the infoobject names.

select your infoobject-check box and delete as mentioned above

to be specific IOBJNM is your infoobject and INFOOBJCAT is the infoobject catalogue where the infoobject exists.

Hope it Helps