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InfoObj. Business Exploer tab selections could restrict display master?

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We have different customers and we want different customers see different company code list when they click the company code keyword list field in query. We have already restricted the transaction data with corresponding company code range specific for each customer ODS/Cube, but we wonder a customer could still see another customer's company code list when they click the company code keyword list for master data in queries.

We think we can go to the edit screen of the InfoObject 0Comp_Code, there is a tab called "Business Exploer" and the two field lists:

1. "Query Def. Filter Value Selection"

There is a "Values in Master Data Table" value and "Only Values in InfoProvider" value. We are not sure if the "Only Values in InfoProvider" only pick up the company codes in transaction data, if it's this case, then this would be our solution! But not sure and need your input!

2. "Query Execution Filter Val. Selection"

There is one value called "Only Posted Values for Navigation". We are also not sure if this selection can meet our need that one customer can only see it's company code list after the transaction data has been restricted based this customer with certain company code range.

Thanks for your inputs!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Kevin,

1. yes, 'only value in infoprovider' will just pick up value in transaction data/infoprovider. it should be your solution. if you use webtemplate e.g webitem dropdown box then you can set the property for 'read mode' to 'dimension table (D)'

2. 'only posted value for navigation', means only certain values that selected in variable screen will be used in further navigation after the query executed.

hope this helps.

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