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InfoCube splitting

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Hello together,

I have an InfoCube with all our COPA Data. Now I would like to split the InfoCube in three cubes.

- One cube (COPA_C1) for the current and future data (e.g. 2011 and 2010)

- One cube (COPA_L1) for the last year (e.g. 2009)

- One cube (COPA_A1) for all the other years in the past (e.g. 2008/2007/ and so on.). In this cube I want to store the data only in an aggregated form.

Unfortunately I have no idea how I get such automatic data separation. Is there maybe a SAP function, which I can use?

Thirst I thought I can use a transformation with a data transfer process between the InfoCubes. But then the data exists in the old cube (e.g. COPA_L1) and in the new cube (e.g. COPA_L1) - And I couldnu2019t find a way to delete the old datau2026



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Say your current cube is COPA-1. And you want to have data in cubes as

COPA-1 -> 2010 and onwards

COPA-2 -> 2009

COPA-3- >2008 and before

You already have cube COPA-1, so create rest of the cubes COPA-2 & COPA-3.

Now for the new cubes create Transformations as:

COPA-1 ==> COPA-2

COPA-1 ==> COPA-3

here these two new cubes will have data source as your originla cube ie COPA-1

Create DTPS for above Transformations.

DTP (COPA-1 ==> COPA-2)

DTP (COPA-1 ==> COPA-3)

Now Run the DTPs with Year selections as you have specified or whatever way you want.

DTP (COPA-1 ==> COPA-2) Year = 2009

DTP (COPA-1 ==> COPA-3) Year = 1990 - 2008

Once data load is successful, delete that years data from COPA-1 so that this cube only contains data for year 2010. and keep loading only the cube COPA-1.

Try out please. All the best.

Best Regards,

Pratap Sone