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infobject hier & text settings table ?

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Hello Experts,

Is there any table where I can find the Infobject settings for hier and text.

h,j,t are the tables with the details of the hierarchy and text once the settings hierarchy and text is enabled.

Many thanks in advance,


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You can also refer the structure RSDGSCIOBJ which has all the fields for an info-object.



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Thanks for the pointer. The name you gave is the structure name.

I just found out how to find the table for it.

rsd1 > infobject > select field > f1 > technical info > double click on the data element > where used > select tables > it would in one those tables i found RSDHABAS which serves my purpse.

-- RSDIOBJHIE and RSHIEDIRT does not have flags to indicate the hierarchy or texts, but does have some info regarding. Thanks was pretty close, I would use this as a backup.



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