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Info packages are in yellow state for longer time for DS : 0BBP_TD_PO_1

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Hi all,

Currently i am facing one issue into BWQ system where info packages (Full / Delta) are not bringing any data through source system.

My source system is SRM and DS: 0BBP_TD_PO_1

Info packages are in yellow state since for 7/8 hours, i am facing this issue recently after sever migration.

Before migration everything is working correctly and to bring 7000 records it was just taking 5 mins.

I already checked RFC connection and everything is perfectly ok.

Can any one let me know what could be the issue here and how we can resolve this. 

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Is this happening for DataSource 0BBP_TD_PO_1 only?

Did you check for failed outbound Idocs in the Source System or failed Idocs in BW?

You can check this via transaction WE02, WE05 or BD87.

In the Source System check for inbound message type RSRQST and outbound message types RSINFO and RSSEND.

In BW check for outbound message type RSRQST and inbound message types RSINFO and RSSEND.

In case Idocs failed to be posted/processed, it could be that the partner profile is not active.

Check transaction WE20 for inactive EDI partner Profile.