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I have created a index for a folder in KM , iam able to search all documents ,

Now my question is when ever new documents is uploaded to that folder i need to reindex ? or we need to make any settings to index documents automatically when ever new documents is uploaded to folder?

Pls Help



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Hi Krishna,

<b>When you create an index, in the field "Crawler Parameters:" you can add a schedule to index files, daily or monthly, or whenever you want.</b>

Indexing is a heavy task for the server, so I do it everynight at 4am.

You can select your index and click on the button "reindex" if you want your files be indexed before the next automatic indexing. You can also use the "incremental update", if you don't want to rebuild your index from scratches.

Have a look to this help page

Hope it helps.

Best regards,