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Index document in a DMS repository

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I have set up a TREX server and I can now index documents on the portal. I can also index documents in the DMS repository if I point out a specific document. If I select a folder in the DMS repository the TREX server can't find any documents in that folder. I have tried to use all different settings when I create the Index. I have used the setting all, document and folders and it doesnu2019t make any different.


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Hi Friend,

There is some points you need to take care:

1. The language of user you are connecting into DMS reporsitoy. The variants are language-dependent, this means if you connect into DMS through portal with another language, nothing will be show.

2. The same rule is applied to the indexing. The user index_service is used to connect TREX to DMS. You need to check what is the language of this user, and what language you configured the variants.

3. Check the SSO or User Mapping of the user index_service. If you are using SSO, you need to configurate a Reference System to DMS, and map the user index_service to some other in DMS (like, trex_user).

Thanks in advance!