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Increase Solution Manager landscape: Creation of a Solution Manager Dev/Qas system

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I have some questions related to the implementation of a Solution Manager system with the role of DEV/QAS. 
The current landscape is only the productive system, but we want to implement a two systems- landscape. The productive solution manager system is used for Early watch alert reports, IT service management and ChaRM. The ChaRM tool is very customized, far from standar. We created copies of urgent changes and normal changes and their flows were modificated to create new partner functions and approval procedures.

I´m not able to find official SAP documentation about  recomendations to create Solution Manager DEV/QAS system. My two main doubts are if I can use a system copy from the production system due to the complex ChaRM customization or is it better to consider a clean installation?
I´ve read some comments in SAP Community where people don´t recommend to copy a Solman system.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hello Customer,


SAP Solution Manager system copy is not supported in general. In case do this only because you want to bypass the new configuration of a system, SAP doesn’t support the system copy any longer. You can consider a clean installation.


You can find the relevant information at the bottom of the following page:


Best regards,


SAP Support