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Incorrect SSL connection configuration

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I have a problem regarding my new SSL connection. I configured SSL between ADS and ABAP SAP. It works fine between them as long as ABAP SAP is the client and ADS the server (with the private key). The other way around is where the problem lies.

The connection should work by letting the ADS log into the SAP ABAP instance by username and password. At least that's what I tried to configure. But the test is negative.

During the error analysis with the SEC_TRACE_ANALYZER report, I noticed that the ADS tries to log in with a client certificate when attempting to use SSL. It is not clear to me why.

One idea was that I had created the destination template SecureConfigPort_Document incorrectly. I had initially created this with the X.509 certificate authentication method and continued with the SSL configuration. The authentication method has since been changed in the template. However, it is maybe possible that the connection used the template and saved the (incorrect) template somewhere. But I have not been able to determine where the template might have been used.

DO you know who I can switch the authentication method to user & password when it is configured as such but not used?

Thank you

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You need to export the ABAP server SSL certificate and import on the JAVA Trusted CA zone in order to the JAVA side be able to recognize the ABAP side.

More info here:

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Thank you, I will try to implement that and check again