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Incorrect data in Query and Infocube

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Hi Gurus,

I have created query for APD Requirement.

Following Key figures are there in Columns

1) Keyfigure =A

2) Keyfigure = B

I have Created Formula "Result" = A-B and exported query results into Flat file using APD.

After that I have created Flat file datasource and mapped to Infocube and loaded data successfully to Infocube

When I try to compare "Result" data in Infocube and Query it is showing different value for "result".

I have checked data in flat file there I am able to see "Result" data in Float format"2.40E+06"

How to handle this issue.

Kindly advice.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Maruthi,

Why are you exporting to flatfile and not loading the query result to an ODS/DSO so you can load directly to the cube from there?

Anyway, what I suggest you could do to determine the point of error:

- Run the query, save the result

- Test the results of the query in the APD (right click on query, test)

- Test the results in flatfile

- Check the results in the cube

Let me know where you first see a difference in data.

Kind regards,


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply

I have taken Query result first it is showing normal format and tested in APD there it is shoing in float format like "2.40E+06"

In the flat file also it is shoing in Float format, Data source is taking Float type for "Result" so it is not matching with Query result

Kindly advise


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