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our customer complained of inconsistent access permissions. He has two users.

1. User A is in group G1. He created new document which had ACL with owner permission for groups G1 and G2.

2. User B is in group G1. He was able to see the new document.

3. User A changed the ACL and removed all permissions for group G2 from it.

4. User B was still able to access the document and its ACL. Moreover he saw ACL containing the permissions for group G1 (but the permissions were already deleted).

5. User A refreshed its browser, checked the ACL and he saw that group G2 is not in ACL.

6. User B refreshed IE window and he could see the document. Then he opened iView with its ACL again. He still saw group G2 in the list.

7. After a few minutes the user B tried that again but then it was working correctly e.g. he was not able to access the document.

So in one moment two users saw different ACLs of one document.

Do you thing that it is possible? Is it possible the ACL cache caused something like that?

Thank you


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I had a similar problem with displaying roles. In my case, the ACL-Bowser and the function "Update role inner ACL permission" helped.

Perhaps you try this?

The Link to the ACL Browser is:


or see the help-page: