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Incomplete response in report instance api

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Hi there,

I had downloaded trial version of Crystal Report andI am trying to get report instance (My intention is to download report as pdf). When I call GET <baseUrl>/infostore/<report Id>/rpt/instance

in reponse I get

<feed xmlns="">
<title type="text">Crystal Reports New Instance</title>
<title type="text">suppressData</title>
<content type="application/xml">
<attr name="value" type="boolean">false</attr>

The second <enrty> having data base config mentioned in the documentation is not being returned. Can anyone guide me what am I doing wrong?

Documentation URL :

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Answers (1)

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Unfortunately, the BOBJ RESTful Web Service for Crystal only works with Crystal for Enterprise reports - it doesn't work with "classic" Crystal reports. You have to use either the Java or the .NET SDK to get to the details you're looking for.