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Inbound Value Mapping and Key Mapping from SAP CRM into MDG Hub -Consolidation

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Our business scenario is like below

Initial SAP CRM BP imported into MDG Hub consolidation. Calculate best record then through replication again send it into SAP CRM.

We already know some customization values like Sales Organization, Sales Office and Sales Group are defined as in Organization Management in SAP CRM so we need to define VM according as per

But we need clarifications for below points

  1. If we maintained in MDG Hub system VM for Sales Office and Sales Group only as per above then will it sufficient for consolidation process as well as SO and SG are inbound for MDG Hub and above link is for Outbound (Data Replication)
  2. About Sales Organization it only mention that we need to perform Key mapping instead of Value Mapping. Here we confused why for certain customization values we need perform VM and for certain requires KM? Any reason for this
  3. Are you need to perform VM or KM for mapping of CRM BP role into MDG (ECC) BP Roles?
  4. If we try to perform VM for BP role with GDT as PartyRoleCode then we are not getting any input value help as there are already MDG BP roles for internal code value, which is possible for VKBUR (Sales Office) and VKGRP(Sales Group) as well
  5. Unable to find KM and VM data storages into Tables

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