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Inbound Queuing in SAP XI

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Hello Friends,

please help me on the below issue. my error is when i am sending 1000 messages from jms to jms through SAP XI all the

inbound queues are residing in smq2 . can i release all the queues at a time once. please help me.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can release all queues

You can even create a report to do this task



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Thanks for the responses,

Now my intension is like we are testing the performance for XI middle ware like throughput etc. Generally how much time it will take when a JMS to JMS scenario thru XI where XI through, 5000msgs (6MB).

Then for Idle XI server how much time it will take to process the messages, where in our server it is taking 3hrs to process the messages thru XI. when we test the same in other middle ware its not taking more than 3 secs. wht is the problem, is the problem in Server or in Our server it self will take that much time.

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Hi Uday,

Queue entries will be released one by one not all the entries at once , this depends upon your system performance, configuration like how many dialogue workprocesses you are using in your XI system.

All these entries reside in smq2 in ready status? or in error status? you can do one thing goto tcode sxmb_admin--> manage queue --> deregister queue then register and finally activate them. Also for better performance you can increase dialogue work process by asking your basis guy if your configuration includes these scenarios(1000 msgs at once). Also you can register your destinations as below method for better performance.


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As our SDN contributors already provided few links I want t provide some information which is useful to you..

NOTE: Also please try to send one by one or atlease few messages other than sending 1000 at at time

I hope it will be useful to you in final case...because even I faced the same problem in BW- XI Integration but in those times I did the same... and also in final case if they restart the server once...all the messagse are gone I mean went to BW from XI by next day when I came there were no of messages

But before doing this please note these points:::

Even though you did this please make sure ...

1. Actually First check what is your Service you told that it is XI check are you using

XI 3.0

2. Next check whether is it correct way to send 1000 messaegs at a time because may be your system

may be using some one and also if they are sending at the same time means...both of your queues wil

be strucked..

3 First Go to SMQ1 (Outbound queue) and SMQ2 (Inbound Queue)and check how many messaegs are

there See also make sure the status of those queues some may be SYS FAIL means system fail first

delete those queues and then RESEND the remaining queues...

4.Also please go to RWB-->Communication monitoring and check your Communication Channel Status

whether it was green or RED...and also check the AUDIT LOG..

5. Suppose if any errors are there or not even though once go to RWB--MEssage Monitoring and check on

which basis and on which part it was strucked I mean whether the partiular message fails at Integration

Engine level or else ADapter Engine level... and finally Check AUdit log...on due to which basis the

messages are queues I mean due to huge size... of for what reason..

5. Once do this if Still if you are facing same problem go to Transaction Code: SXI_CACHE and do cache

refresh so that it may be reflected by refreshing all the IR and ID objects.

Also do ADapter cache refresh...refresh in same Transaction code...

Or else if you are adminstrator go to TCode : SMICM and go to MEnu--> As JAva and --> Do j2EE soft

Restart instead of Soft Restart...or else ask your basis poeple to do the same...

Note: WHile doing J2EE engine restart please make sure any Transactions or else any one or working on PI because it may take 20-25 mins to become server up again ...

NOTE: Also please try to send one by one or atlease few messages other than sending 1000 at at time

I hope it will be useful to you in final case...

I hope it will be useful to you in final case...Suppose if it is useful to you please close this and award points to the repective contributors if it is useful to you..


Amar Srinivas ELi

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Go through following links-


[] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];

[] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];

If you are using large number of messages, you can use message packaging to improve performance.

[] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];



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Using SMQ1 -

For Inbound Queues

Please refer

Check these threads where they have given few transactions: