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Inbound Java Proxy - Error invoking method or Cannot locate proxy bean

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Hi !

I've developed a Java Proxy Server based on a synchronous message interface. Created the EAR and the admin deployed it without errors in the self XI server.

I've registered it using


ns=[the namespace used in the repository]

interface=[the message interface object name as in the repository]

bean=[localejbs/ (value of <jndi-name> tag in ejb-j2ee-engine.xml)]

method=[name of the only public function available in the file]

Using this registration querystring, I get the "Error invoking method XXXXX of proxy bean..." message, using any other registration querystring (for example bean=localejbs/, etc. I receive the "Cannot locate proxy bean......" message. So I suppose that the first registration querystring is the correct.

We are also using for other scenarios, the ValueMappingReplication inbound java proxy and it works ok, so the JPR adapter is working ok.

What else should/could I check do determine the source of the problem ?

When should I use the "" string in the registration querystring? and "xxx_PortTypeBean"??

I followed every post that I've found about this type of errors, but there are no answers...It seems that for some the inbound java proxies worked at first time, and for others almost never.

Thanks !


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As it is mentioned here..

If the server bean is a <b>co-located</b> bean, simply use the prefix localejbs/ when you enter the bean name.

so if its about the JNDI Name in the registration URL, it should simply be


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