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Inbound EDI 850 - Segment Separator as Dot (#2E)

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Hi Experts,

I am facing an issue in converting an EDI 850 004010VICS inbound message into XML.

I have used TPM and specified the control key as required.

The issue is that the Segment Separator is Dot (.) hexadecimal 2E.

The dot also happens to occur in the value of certain fields as decimal points, e.g. 14.04

I gave the segment separator as #2E against the x12.segmentseparator parameter in TPM.

When this message is passed through the EDI Separator Channel, where I have specified the TPM and the X12 Converter Module, the parser tries to create a new segment "04" since we have specified that the segment separator is Dot(.) Please see the screenshot below

Kindly help in handling this EDI message

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