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inactive 3.x infosource

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Hi experts,

We are transporting request from development to test environment. We have one simple flow, with one infocube, and then UpdateRules to one Infosource (2LIS_03_BF) and that conected with 2LIS_03_BF Datasource.

After importing, in Test environment we have all the components, but the flow is not conected. I mean: Ther is the infocube, but when I expand the Update rules, nothing appears (the infosource doesn't appear).

If I find the infosource, I can see the Update rules and navigate till the cube (dataflow upwards) but I can't see the Transfer Rules to 2LIS_03_BF datasource. If I find the datasource, i find the Transfer rules, but i can't navigate till de infosource (datafllow upwards).

If I try to view the dataflow, it says that thew flow is inconsistent, and I think ther is something wrong with the infosource (all is 3.x Infosource, and 3.x datasource also)

If i try to view infosource's dataflow, the following text appeards: "Not active version for object 2LIS_03_BF available"

I can't view the infosource because we haven't authorization in that environment, and I've tried to imporat again the infosource and nothing happens

Does anybody any suggestion?

Any help woulld be really appreciated

Best regards

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Answers (2)

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Hello Angel,

Indeed, there may be one issue after the transport to test environment that explains your problem.

If I understood well, your objects are not connected together.

This may be because the systems are different between development and integration.

You have to convert the source system names, so that the transport can correctly convert and reassign them.

To do this, in your integration system, go to RSA1 -> Tools -> Conversion of Logical system Names

and there you can put what is the system for integration for conversion, for both BW and R/3 systems ...

then you can re-import your Transport request.

Hope it helps you !


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please check your transport request is that one is sucessful ??

otherwise check individually all the objects and transport it