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In WD ALV subtotal, display field summary which have same data in subtotal line

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As seen is screenshot below. My requirement is to show summary of fields which are not sorted or total having same data in my subtotal line.

Eg. In this case for material number I have done subtotal.

      Material number is displayed in line of subtotal. But material description is same for the material highlighted below.

      I have to display both material and material description in subtotal line.

Also, I cant change the field on which I have applied sort.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Found the solution...

Its not related to key fields Saurav.

Eg: You need to show column A,B and C in subtotal line. Drop down should be on A column.

All I needed to do is:

  1. Apply sort on all field which you want in subtotal line (A.B and C).
  2. Move the field on which you want drop down (field A) to last position in sort sequence.
  3. In calculation check "display intermediate results on sorted column".
  4. Click on exception button and un-check all fields except the last one (un-check B and C and let A field be checked, A will appear in last)
  5. Execute ALV and collapse to intermediate result. All column will appear in subtotal line.

In the screen shot I got Material and Material description in ALV subtotal line.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Manish,

See, when you make use of SubTotal in ALV, it just considers Key-Field and Fields having Numeric Values. But, because you need to display some Textual Values, hence you would need to pass that value in your Summary-Line.

In that case, you have to handle it outrightly.


Kumar Saurav.