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In SAP PO we are trying to extract an excel with all the ICOs and related Configuration scenarios.

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Hi All,

In SAP PO ,we are trying to extract an excel with all the ICOs and related Configuration scenarios. Is there a way to do it instead of manually extracting the list from ID ?

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Hi Rahul,

As pointed out by Caner, SAP offers some APIs to retrieve ICO objects as well as other Director objects like Communication Channels, Sender Agreements etc.

However, there are several aspects to consider when using these APIs. For example:

  • If you have a large number of ICOs, you may experience timeouts
  • Some attributes are returned in a non-human readable format (e.g. dates, SWCV)
  • The data structures can be deeply nested (e.g. Receiver Interfaces with or without conditions)
  • There are different versions of the APIs, as they have evolved over time like PI/PO

Given these challenges, you may want to consider a simpler solution.
The company I work for, Arianim, offers a tool called UDO to extract Director information within minutes. In addition to the extract, UDO also offers:

  • Automatic documentation of your interfaces, including IFlow-Diagrams
  • Global search for any string in any object. Our customers love this feature e.g. it can be used to identify a Communication Channel, based on a filename
  • Migration analysis from PI/PO to CPI/IS, as well as to non-SAP integration technologies like Boomi or MuleSoft
  •  All mappings are available and can be displayed or queried, including Message Mappings, Java, XSLT, and Function Libraries
  • Visualization of your interfaces
  • Trading Partners and - Agreements are displayed
  • Certificates are listed, including their expiry date, cipher etc.
  • All data can be stored offline
  • And much more

The tool has been established in the market for over 12 years and has a mature, proven track record.
Additionally, we have numerous customers who successfully operate and manage more than 10,000 interfaces with our solution.

For your convenience, I have attached a full Excel extract of our small Demo system, including ICO information. It gives you an idea what you can expect from the tool.

Here is a screenshot of the UI:ico_ui.png



For more information, please visit our website.
There, you can also request a trial version of our product to experience its capabilities firsthand.

Best regards,