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In not so distant future will SAP exist without ABAP-?

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With Netweaver providing DB schema for seperately for Java ,the possibilities are immense for customers to develop new applications in web enabled scenarios totally using Java or .net,avoiding Abap altogether if they want.

The old BAPI route is not the only route anymore into SAP.

I am an old Abapper, new to Netweaver I am still trying to grasp at the entire platform -technologies that come with Netweaver(like someone studying water lilies by Monet each day it looks more interesting than before).

But my basic question is will the core software suite of SAP currently existing only in ABAP form (including BAPis) going to transform slowly into non ABAP version also?

Example will core SAP programs that is sales order ,MRP run will be avialable in Java some day?

Simply put will SAP exist without ABAP in totality?

Or will SAP choose best of both worlds -its own ABAP world developed over years along with the product itself and the O-O as we know from Java,.Net.

On same line of thought,is ABAP as business language for SAP will be replaced slowly-outside-in model?

I welcome some light on my queries.

-Shankar T S.

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Take a look at

Hope this helps.


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Running a sales order or MRP in R/3 is and will be ABAP based. Why..? It's just an object with functional code that works. It can and will be accessed by JAVA and presented in an iView or workflow, ect.

My two cents.

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In my opinion, SAP can't simple retire ABAP.

What about all mult-milioneries implementations around the world? Can anybody estimate how many LOC os ABAP has been writen and how many LOC will be write in the next years?

My feelings is that will be very hard to SAP change all ABAP aplications by Java or .Net.

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Greetings, The Web AS is the foundation on which SAP NetWeaver is built and drives all of SAP's applications and tools. SAP Web AS supports Java code that meets the J2EE 1.3 specification and ABAP code, which is SAP's language for business applications. ABAP will not go away as SAP Web AS allows you to get more value out of the ABAP applications (SAP R/3, mySAP Business Suite) that you already have in place. You can also now easily extend the functionality of those and other systems by using Java. By combining ABAP and Java, SAP Web AS provides a single environment in which to work with applications, regardless of what language they were written in. This saves time, money and effort for developers. Hope this information helps.

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Hi Angie,

Thanks for your prompt reply.As I understand now,the core suit of application developed in ABAP will remain ABAP but can be used by non ABAP developers .And with SAP Web AS any custom applications can be developed in non ABAP language. I have another related question here :

When we develop custom applications (Zreports or Ztranscations,etc) in ABAP we normally have the option of utilising lots of standard SAP function modules for converting dates/factory calendar,etc..This makes our Z-ABAP development lot easier in R/3.

Do we have RFC/BAPis access of all standard SAP function modules for Java development incase SAP Netweaver?

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As I am not from SAP, what I have to say is my opinion.

I have been looking at the netweaver thing for a while and coming from a DBA,then ABAP then SAP Practice manager,I am keen on technology and commercial reality.

My bet is that ABAP will not die, it will take a long time,hopefully you would have retire by then:)

On the other hand, the speed of JAVA open source adoption happens very fast,I was surprised by the number of people programming in Java and the graduates with Java syllabus.

The fact there you can learn it on your PC at home means the adoption of the technology is incredible for the graduate.

Yes,Java can access RFC so there is nothing to stop clients to choose which way now.It is not the fact that ABAP cannot be extinguished overnight,it is really whether SAP wants to or not.I think it is a strategic advantage for SAP to keep ABAP,why would you want to open until competition is all around you. It does not make sense comercially. I hope this reduces your anxiety.

In the meantime,really should try to enjoy the challenge of the new technology.Netweaver is quite interesting and I am trying to lap it up. I think it is a good thing that SAP is doing,otherwise how is it going to improve if SAP were to rest on her laurels?So stop worrying.

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Melvin, I like your thoughts regarding Java. But you will loose your bet on ABAP, anyway

Competition on the EAI market will force (and has already) SAP to deliver the business software on any platform. So the advantage of SAP should not be held in a proprietary programming language but in the deep knowledge of business processes.

ABAP can be substituted at any time by Java, .Net or whatever you like. All ABAP frameworks could be converted into OO-language classes and DDic is already existent in all relevant DB systems. The old platform will surely die someday, as it makes no sense to foster to basis platforms. I think we will see a scenario like that in the near future. I´m curious about what will happen.