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In LTRC Current Action for table CFIN_ACCHD is diplaying as Replication ( initial Load Running)

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Hello Champs,

We are replicating data from SAP ECC -> SLT -> S/4 Hana. Replication for table CFIN_ACCHD is showing in Initial Load Running state from long time.

We can see 2 batch job IUC_LOAD_MT is running from Long time. ( The controlling job IUC_REP_MSTR is also running in SLT server). In view of unprocessed Logging table records we can see that new document posted in source system but the same is not getting posted in target system.

So the question is; where can we see the issue is ? I can see the batch job are running from long time so do we need to wait for batch job to complete. Or is there any configuration we need to do so that the document can be transfer into target system.

Thanks in Advance...

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Hello Sameer,

There can be multiple reason for this to happen.. you may try the below steps for now;

1. Stop replication as a whole from ltrc tcode --> stop configuration

2. check if there are any stuck locks in system --> SM12

3. check if there are any hung state jobs in system --> SM37

4. if there is anything clear it up

5. now start the replication

6. now keep checking the application log in same tcode--> ltrc

7. try to solve the issue --> if you don't see anything into the logs please go ahead and restart the replication for that particular table and scheck the status and records

Share your feedback.


Amar Ghuge