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Improve queue Prioritization

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Dear experts,

we have scenarios with different priority on our SAP PI 7.0 system.

1. Async: File to IDoc (low priority)

2. Async: IDoc to File (high priority)

The scenarios are configured in SXMB_ADM ("Configure Filter for Queue Prioritizazion") and the messages are attached to the correct queues. However, when there are lots of messages in the low priority queue, also high priority messages get delayed. They are still processed much faster than low priority messages, but sometimes there is a delay of some minutes. Please note, that I'm talking about delays in Integration Engine NOT Adapter Engine.

Is it possible to configure a high priority queue, so that messages are always processed directly?

Best regards,


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What is the value for MAXTIME parameter for high priority queue? This determines the priority of messages in queues.

Also, as your low priority interface is file-Idoc, you can increase the polling interval for file sender channel to prevent accumulation of messages in queues when the load is high. This provides enough time for IE to process messages.

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Thank you for your answer.

The following queues are configured:

Queue name               Type Mode Max. Runtime Attempts Pause
XBQ1*                     R    D       120         30     300
XBQ9*                     R    D        30         30     300
XBQA*                     R    D       120         30     300
XBQB*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBQI*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBQO*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBQX*                     R    D       120         30     300
XBQY*                     R    D        30         30     300
XBQZ*                     R    D        30         30     300
XBT1*                     R    D       120         30     300
XBT9*                     R    D        30         30     300
XBTA*                     R    D       120         30     300
XBTB*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBTI*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBTJ*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBTL*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBTM*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBTO*                     R    D        60         30     300
XBTX*                     R    D       120         30     300
XBTY*                     R    D        30         30     300
XBTZ*                     R    D        30         30     300

High priority messages get processed with Queue XBTA and low priority with XBTZ.

We increased the polling interval, but we still have the problem, as the files are very big.

Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Puneet,

yes, I used this guide to implement prioritization. However, when there comes a big load of low priority messages, also the high priority messages get delayed a little bit.

Best regards,


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Just have a look at Kai's reply in the below thread;;'

Also, if you are on PI 7.1, the following link will help:

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