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Importing workspace into DTR by dtrshell "fails"

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I'm trying to export workspaces from one DTR to import them on another DTR. Some Workspaces can't be exported. That's why I have opened this [Tread|;.

Some Workspaces can be exported. I use this to export the Worspaces:

export /ws/Portal/Broadcast -f c:\broadcast -m 2

then I import this Workspace by

import -f c:\broadcast

DTR creates the main folder, but neiter subfolders nor files are created.

Source DTR is NW 6 SPS 19, target DTR is NW 7 EHP1 SPS 4

Is there any least SP Level from which you can import to NW7 EHP 1 SPS 4?

Has anyone an idea, why this isn't working?

Best regards,

Christian Schebesta

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After reading the documentation I would use "-m 8" with the export command and "-wf" with the import command in your case:

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Hello Pascal,

thanks for this advice, but when I'm using

export /ws/Portal/Voyager -f d:\ -m 8 -r Voyager


export /ws/Portal/Voyager -f d:\ -m 8 -r /ws/Portal/Voyager

I get

Export Failed. Could not perform Export Request. Response status = 500 (Internal Server Error)

Best regards,