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Importing files in Integration Design

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This is new system.I am importing the ,tpz files in Integration Directory.I already imported 3 files and in the process of 4th files i got this error :

"Internal error: Unable to transfer changes for object Service | <SID>CLNT100 to change list "XI 3.0 Import" (****************************) since object still in change list "XI 3.0 Import" (*********************************) "

What could be the reason ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Venkat,

You should activate the changes for every ID object you export. Then only you should import next file with ID object.

Just for your information :

When you import IR object you do not need to import the will be in active state once it get sucessfully imported.

When you import IB object you need to activate the imported object. Also make sure you import & activate it using same user-id...

Also check if business service " Service | <SID>CLNT100" not in some other import list.

Goto IB..and Click on change list and select User "All" and click in display will show you all change list...just check if there is any other change list having same object..if so you can transfer same on your right clicking list say transfer...n then activate your object.

Hope this will help you.


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