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Importing data - lookup values from table based on non-display-field

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Hi experts,

I need some help with something I would think should be straightforward. In import manager I have a source file of material records, each record with a field called "Country". The value of this field is a 3-character numeric ISO-code for country. In my repository I have a field CountryOfOrigin which is a lookup to table "Countries" having 3 fields; Name (DisplayField), ISO-2 (2-character alphanumeric code) and ISO-3 (3-character numeric code). I would like to map the field "Country" from my source file to the ISO-3 field of the lookup table, giving me a record where CountryOfOrigin is the name from the lookup table where ISO-3 matches the value from the source record.

This sounds to me like standard lookup functionality, but it seems that I can only map display fields? But I don't want the ISO-3 to be a display field.

Any hints on how to get this working or workarounds?

I'm aware of the possibility to do such lookups using middleware like PI, but I would like to do it in MDM.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your requirement can be easily solved by using remote key feature of MDM.

While import data in the country lookup table clone the 3 digit ISO code field. Now map orignial field to Remote key ( * i am assuming you have remote key enabled for the country table). Map clone field to the 3 digit ISO code field of the MDM respository.

Now, while import data in the main table, if you get 3 digit ISO code for the country field, MDM will automatically map it the correct country name value (mapping will be based on remote key).

Check it and revert if you face problem.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks guys!

I forgot all about the key mapping feature...but it works like a charm:)


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Hi Kenneth

This is possible. please follow the steps below-

1. Define the countries lookup table as key enabled yes in console.

2. reload the COuntries lookup table again using the source file for countries. Thjis time make sure to map the country code field as remote key available in destination side. You can clone the country code field in the source side.

3. All records in country able will now have a remote key as country code. You can validate this in Data manager using edit key mapping for the record.

4. Now for the main table import map you can map the ISO code in the source file with Country field.