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Importing Check tables using extractor programs

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Hi everyone,

I am new to MDM and hence am confused about certain steps in importing data. I am on MDM 5.5 SP3. I have the following requirement:

a. Using IDOCs via XI, i would extract customer data onto XML file.

b. I want to import this data using import manager.

My question is:

1. Is uploading check tables a pre-requiste to importing customer records? If yes, can this can be done using the ZMDME...extractor programs (given in OSS note 830864)provided by SAP and how?

2. Also when I try to use the standard maps provided i.e 03_Account_Groups_R3, I get the message "Account groupss cannot be loaded as it is not a source". I get this message even though I have selected the correct client.

Any pointers to the 2 questions mentioned above would be of great help.



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Hi Shruti,

1. Yes uploading check tables is a pre-requiste to impoeting the Customer(Main Table) records.

Yes this can be done using program ZMDME_EXTRACT_CUSTOMERS_552 provided by SAP.

For this go to transaction SE38, select the program and execute it. You will get all the check tables as XML. Now use this XMLs to load the data in MDM lookup tables.

2. For the second problem may be you have not selected the correct table in your source and destination hierarchy in Import Manager.

Hope this helps.