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Imported the Best Practice - SAP 7.2 service pack 04. No Docs in SOLDOC

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I Imported the Best Practices Package into SOLADM, but i dont see any documents or folders under the business process in SOLDOC. Can you please help me with this? What am i missing here? Trying to configure CBTA.



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Answers (5)

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Hi Alex,

After the import of SAP BPP (SAP Best Practices for SAP Solution Manager 7.2, edition 02), we see in the logs "Access for requested element is not allowed" AI_SMUD_UTIL (SMUD_CONTENT_IMPORT).

IS there a step we are missing here? Any help from you is appriciated.

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I have the same issue today. => Access for requested element is not allowed" AI_SMUD_UTIL (SMUD_CONTENT_IMPORT).

Have you found a solution ?

Thanks for sharing it.

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Hi Alex,

As per basis " The issue is in the Job when it is importing. That is from the logs, I went back and checked all the logs for both your id's, has the same error." The issue seems to be missing authorization while importing the BPP content from OSS to DS1.

In SOLDOC i can see folders under Executable Library. But i dont see any folders under Business Process.

We asked our security to follow the steps from the link below.

Please do let me know if are in the right direction?



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Alex - Thanks for the response, checked SM37 and i dont see any failed jobs. I just requested our Basis team to look into this, I will get back to you with there response.

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Check the SM37 job log. The package may be listed in the Import tab, although the actual import failed in background.

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Attaching screen shots.