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Importance of Fixed point aithmetic checkbox

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Hi everyone,

I have two questions:

1.What's the importance of checking the "Fixed Point Arithmetic" checkbox in the program attributes?

2.Why is it important for taking care of user profile for setting the decimal notations if calculation on currency/quantity/decimal has to be done.Which are the two tables for checking that?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi abhishek

Here is what SAP says about the fixed point arithmatic check box

"If you mark this checkbox, all caluculations in the program will use fixed point arithmetic.

If you do not, packed numbers (ABAP/4 type P, Dictionary types CURR, DEC or QUAN) will be treated as integers when they are used in assignments, comparisons and calculations, irrespective of the number of decimal places defined. Intermediate results in arithmetic calculations will also be rounded to the next whole number. The number of decimal places defined is only taken into account when you output the answer using the WRITE statement."

Reward points, if helpful.

And as far as ur second query is concerned, the notation mentioned for decimals/Currency in User profile is to display the values in reports/screen. Since, the different notations are used to decimals in EU, US and different parts of the world.Its just a display format for the numbers, nothing to do with the calculation.

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