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Import WSDL with external reference

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Hi Guru.

I need your help.

I would to import this WSDL in PI:


but I have a problem: when I load the external definition in PI I see that it have an external reference. So I load this WSDL


and in the source field I insert the reference of the first WS

When I import in the Message Mapping the definition the node with exeternal reference are in "ERROR".

Have you some idea?

I try some ways to fix this problem (a custom data type with same namespace, modify the WSDL,..) but without good news.

Help me please



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the source field of 2nd WSDL, write the name of 2nd WSDL only.. write it the way it is coming in Parameter File

That is, when you are importing fwsmodel.wsdl, in source field write as fwsmodel.wsdl itself

after doing this to verify, open parent External Definition,--> Go to taba External References, you should see entry for fwsmodel.wsdl

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I just do it, but the WSDL have different namespace, so, when I check the structure the "external node" are not visible.

I solve it with the merge of the 2 WSDL.

Thanks to al for the replies.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Manuel,

After importing the webservice in IR, in message tab in external defintion check whether you are getting the correct namespaces. If not modify the wsdl file to get the correct namespace.Hope this would solve your problem.

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Both the wsdl files should have same namespaces. U may edit it manually. First import fwsmodel.wsdl. and then import fwsservice.wsdl.