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Import wizard between domains

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I have a quick question:

We have a customerr who wants to use one domain for testing their BO universes (they want us to build the reports, universes etc. in our test environment at our location). But they of course wants their production system to be located at their location within their domain.

In this scenario we will have BO dev and test in one domain and and production in another domain.

My question will be:

Is it possible to use BO import wizard to run imports from one domain to another?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you are atalking AD domains, as long as the users can login to BO (such as when the domains are in the same forest) then there shouldn't be any issues. The only issues would occur if the users cannot access BO (since domain doesn't matter to BO)

If you were referring to old 6.5 document domains then I'm not sure. Let me know and I'll move this post to our legacy app section.



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thanks for your answer.

I'm talking about running transports from one domain to another domain using Import wizard.

Is it possible to import a univers from BO test located in one domain into BO prod located in another domain?

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Yes, this is possible. After such migration by Import Wizard you'll need to manualy change universe connections, so they are pointing to current data sources and you have to make sure that DB you design your universes against has same data structure as the one , which will be used in the destination.

With Xi3.1 and Life Cycle Manager you can do this kind of "Promotion" and change universe connection during it's run.

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