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import support package error(SAPKU50003+SAPKITL413)

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I encounter a problem when i import the solution manager package.

According to the dependency, i put the SAPKU50003 and SAPKITL413 to queue. There are "IMPORT_PROPER" error occured.




INFO TBATG CONVERSION OF HSM N not needed hsmadm sapserv1 20061129155359001378

START MOVE NAMETABS HSM 6 20061129155400 hsmadm sapserv1 20061129155359001378

START tp_getprots HSM P 20061129155400 hsmadm sapserv1 20061129155359001378

STOP tp_getprots HSM P 20061129155500 hsmadm sapserv1 20061129155359001378

STOP MOVE NAMETABS HSM 6 20061129155501 hsmadm sapserv1 20061129155359001378

START tp_getprots HSM Y 20061129155501 hsmadm sapserv1 20061129155359001378

STOP imp all HSM 7000 20061129161658 hsmadm sapserv1 20061129155359001378




1 ED0302 =========================================================================

1 ED0327 Process..................: "sapserv1_4"

1 ED0303 User.....................: "DDIC"

1 ED0305 Date, time...............: "29.11.2006", "16:57:39"

1 ED0307 Platform.................: "CUSTOMER"-"HSM"("700")/"ORACLE/WindowsNT/sapserv1"

1 ED0311 Tool.....................: "BATCH"/"RADBAT01"

1 ED0315 Log......................: "F", "

1 ED0314

1 ED0316 Program parameters:

1 ED0314 Process cat..............: sequential

1 ED0302 =========================================================================

1 ED0320XStart phase "001" **********************************************************

1 ED0306 "Preprocessing of TBATG"

1 ED0301 *************************************************************************

1 ED0301X*************************************************************************

1 ED0306 "Preprocessing of TBATG"

1 ED0322 End phase "001" ***********************************************************

1AETR012XProgram terminated (job: "RDDGEN0L", no.: "16573901")

1 ED0317XProgram start============================================================

1 ED0314




Short text

Exception condition "DESTINATION_NOT_OPEN" raised.

What happened?

The current ABAP/4 program encountered an unexpected


Error analysis

A RAISE statement in the program "SAPLCRFC" raised the exception


Since the exception was not intercepted by a superior

program, processing was terminated.

Short description of exception condition:

Specified destination is not open.

For detailed documentation of the exception condition, use

Transaction SE37 (Function Library). You can take the called

function module from the display of active calls.


How to correct the error

You may able to find an interim solution to the problem

in the SAP note system. If you have access to the note system yourself,

please use the following search criteria:






If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please send the

following documents to SAP:

1. A hard copy print describing the problem.



SAP Solution manager package info:


BASIS 700 006

ABA 700 006

SAP_AP 700 003

BBPCRM 700 002

ST 700 002


TP configuration is ok, I have update the spam to newly version - 21.

Is there any guru know what's happen? What should i do?



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Answers (2)

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this solution really work...

I was facing the same problem during import of SAPKB0008 and SAPKB0009 together.

try this. this will really help you.

Thanks jjj_mmm.

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This problem has been solved by change the tim out time from the default 600s to 14400s.