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Import of IDOC from R/3 failed

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Dear all,

when trying to import an IDOC definition in XI

we get the following error message:

+ Commit of the transaction not possible because the status is: no_transaction

Does anyone of you already had this error ?

Any clue/solution would be welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have never faced issues with 'commit of transactions' but i have faced import failures of idoc in SAP XI.

This might not exactly help but,

<b>Is the idoc Released??</b>

As if idoc is not released you get import errors.



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Can you pls check in your SAP system whether the appropriate message type is attached to the idoc type. Then only you'll be able to see the idoc type ready for import from where you can select the relevant idoc type.

Next step is that if somebody has already imported this idoc type and has not activated their change list also there is a failure of the idoc type getting imported.

All the above make sure that the rfc destination to the SAP system is functioning properly



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Dear All,

thank you very much for your very fast reply.

Your answers help me to solve the problem.

1) Yes, the idoc was already changed by one other user.

2) When I tryed to release the changes, I get an ORACLE message: Could not extend table in tablespace PSAP<sysid>DB

3) After having extented the tablespace, the IDOC definition has been successfully impoted and activated.

Again ... many thanks.

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Hi Alexandre,

Nice to know it works...pls do close the thread by rewarding.



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