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Import Multilingual Text Blocks from Excel - SP06 HF02

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Has anyone tried to import multilingual data from Excel via Data Manager since an upgrade to SP06? I have setup my Excel sheet per the MDM Data Manager Reference Guide (even used Export To > Excel to ensure correct column headings).

When I select my Excel file in DM, after Import From > Excel, working in the Text Blocks table, I see the error message: “Import file must include columns corresponding to the text block value of the current language and one or more additional languages. Import will now exit."

I have tried the following column headers in my Excel file:

Text Block  <English [US]> | Text Block <Italian [IT]> | Text Block <Spanish [ES]>
Text Block | Text Block <Italian [IT]> | Text Block <Spanish [ES]>

DM recognizes the heading of the second listing, "Text Block", but only for the language I am logged into DM with.

For additional reference, please see Section MULTILINGUAL EXPORT AND IMPORT, pages 585-586.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

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Yes you are right there is a problem in this, i have tried this month ago.

The only option is you have to select language one by one.

It wil take that language that u selected in Data Manager

I know its not a solution but this is only way to do.


Himanshu Nijhawan

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Thank you both for you input.

I opened up an OSS message with SAP on Monday, and I have heard no response. Regardless of the response, e.g., bug or work-around, I'll post it here. Thanks again.

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May I know what is the final output required? Do you want to see all the data in one record within Text Block table or do you want multiple records?



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It is desired to have all the multiple languages in one Text Block field. We currently have all English content that has been translated into Spanish and Italian.

If looking at the Language Detail tab in DM, Text Blocks table:

English   | Italian       | German
Feature 1 | Descrizione 1 | Beschreibung 1

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Now I get the problem.. first of all DM will not consider Text Block [Language] name as this field is used for internal inheritance and language purposes.

So, what MDM DM will recognize from an external file will be Text Block. Apart from this there are other fields, which are again relevant to MDM internal functioning - code, Data group...

What you can do is to form a text file having only data - NO COLUMNS

[data in english] [data in french] [data in german]

say 500 records...

next, goto Text Blcoks in DM, choose Add (in records pane).

Click on Edit and right click on Data Groups and add a new name, say DG1.

Click on FIles and then Add and browse the text file... Data is imported though all in one cell. Right click on this cell - Split Text Block - Return and you have multiple languages in same cell...

Try this and let me know...

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This did not work for me. When I split on return, DM created 3 new Text Block entries, all English.

easy to install locking mechanism
Gemakkelijk te installeren dankzij clicksysteem
Mecanismo de fijación fácil de instalar

Loaded as one Text Block

Right-click, Split on return

Resulted in three English only Text Blocks

Was my file formatted correctly (each language on a new line)?

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Right... got my mistake.. though I have been able to pass through the excel error issue... apologies am only half way through... but time for me to leave.. if ur still stuck tomorrow.. wil ckeck it...

What i did:

Modified the source excel file as:

Text Block [ US ] Text Block [DE] Text Block [FR]

(It might not comer properly as formatting is an issue... Text Block rectangular braces and language short name)

Now first import all the English values the initial way (previous thread). The reason being this IMPORT tries to find the Text Block first and then update it with other languages.. try to import now without any text blocks and it will result in an error. Enter the English values first and then import, it works.

But such kind of importing always yields me the last value of row (French) being put into the field.. dont know why.. I will try this tomorrow but having your Excel file in format mentioned above and having Text Blocks [EN] already in the table, will result in no error...

Keep me posted...

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Another great suggestion, but no go.

Here is my Excel file per your last post:

Text Block [US] | Text Block [IT] | Text Block [ES]
Size M10        | Size M10 (IT)   | Size M10 (ES)

DM correctly matched the Text Block [US] as an index for matching. DM then proceed to update that English value with Size M10 (IT), then Size M10 (ES). I saw the values in DM change during the import.

I appreciate your responsiveness! Thanks.

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Have spent some time on this with no output... i guess other experts can pinch in...

Or better off why not consult SAP themselves? I feel it might be a bug or may be I m wrong...

Problem is whatever you put in rectangular braces, it keeps on picking for every cell in the row and updates the first cell in Data Manager!

Am clueless...