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Import in SPAM aborted

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I'm import support package in SPAM, but now I can't login in system. I'm get an errror: "Syntax error in program SAPLSTRD"

I'm update R3trans & tp to last version. Try run tp program from OS via command "tp import" but in SLOG get error:

WARNING: Background job RDDIMPDP could not be started or terminated abnormally.

Please check that the R/3 system is running.

Please check the system. Use transactions SM21, SM37, SM50.

WARNING: (This warning is harmless if no further warnings follow.)

I read forum and know what I need run report RDDNEWPP.

How run this report from OS (HP-UX) ?

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Answers (4)

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If "Syntax error in program SAPLSTRD" appears when importing Support Package, check these:

- Tp running

- Enough free space

- DB stuck

If tp is running and there is not other problem, just give the process a few more minutes to finish the update.

In case of tp is no longer running, try with solutions provided in the other responses.



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I faced a similar problem a few days back , you can try to import as Markus stated. But if you cannot , try to import all the requests which are in the queue using STMS. Then restart the SPAM process of applying the support packages.

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If the system has syntax errors because only parts of the programs were updated you can't run any program and it makes no sense to reschedule RDDNEWPP because this will just schedule the program as an event. Even if the event is triggered (by your tp call) it stops because there are still syntax errors.

What you can try to do is

tp r3i SAPKDxxxx <SID> pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/<transportprofile>

where SAPKDxxxx is the SPAM import number (e. g. patch 43 for 701 would be KD70143) as user <sid>adm.

If that finishes (most likely with returncode 4) you can try to logon to the system again and restart SPAM.


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Thanks Markus, but I decide do not waste time... I'm delele my system (it was a new installation) and install it again.

At the moment importing support package via SPAM.

Try your solution next time.

Thanks for all.

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I am not sure how to run this report from OS but if you can try to restart SAP and then see if SAPgui log on possible or not ?

One more thing to verify, is space at OS level sufficient ? Just to be sure.

Moreover, do you see any ABAP dump on initial screen when you try to log on OR log on is not possible at all ?

If you see the dump kind of screen, then please paste the contents here.