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Import Development Configuration from SLD - Proxy Error!

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I'm trying to Migrate WebDynpro Java apps through NWDS 7.30; the steps I'm following are here:

Here says:


You have configured the new version of the Developer Studio you are using after the upgrade to connect to the development track where the application projects developed on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 reside. Note that this is the Developer Studio in which you trigger the application project migration wizard.

I understand I should configure NWDS 7.30 to connect original track where WDJ projects reside, right? The same track where old NWDS 7.0 is connecting right now.

This is ok. Then, step number 1:

1. Import the application projects to be migrated into your new workspace in the Developer Studio:

If you work with the development infrastructure:

i. Open the Component Browser view of the Development Infrastructure perspective.

ii. From the development configuration you have imported, select the development components that need to be migrated and choose Sync/Create Project - Create Project to download the source files to your workspace.

When I'm trying to Import Development Configuration from SLD, and I select the corresponding DC (like in the old NWDS 7.0), the system gives me the following error:


Cannot import development configuration

Exception Stack Trace: Could not import configuration: Cannot perform login ( Could not create mountpoint for SC in compartment diba_EMPLOYEEPORTAL_SC_1: Checking existence failed for '/dtr/ws/EMPLPORT/diba_EMPLOYEEPORTAL_SC/dev/inactive/SCs/diba/EMPLOYEEPORTAL_SC/_comp/TopLevelDCs/' (Proxy Timeout ( The connection timed out. )): Checking existence failed for '/dtr/ws/EMPLPORT/diba_EMPLOYEEPORTAL_SC/dev/inactive/SCs/diba/EMPLOYEEPORTAL_SC/_comp/TopLevelDCs/' (Proxy Timeout ( The connection timed out. )) (Checking existence failed for '/dtr/ws/EMPLPORT/diba_EMPLOYEEPORTAL_SC/dev/inactive/SCs/diba/EMPLOYEEPORTAL_SC/_comp/TopLevelDCs/' (Proxy Timeout ( The connection timed out. ))) (Could not create mountpoint for SC in compartment ... ... ...

What happens here? If I go to Window > Preference > Development Infraestructure > SLD, I type the URL, I click over Ping and the system says: System landscape directory is reachable.

Any idea? Btw, where can I read something about the configuration of NWDS 7.30? I mean, the configuration of Windows > Prefences... because right now exists a lot of entries here...


Miguel Angel.

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Solved here: