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Import BW model to HANA failed

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We have BW 7.4 installed on Sy base database. I have created DSO and uploaded the data. Now In SAP HANA studio, I imported connection-->SAP netweaver BW with all user credientials and test connection successfully. Now i could see all the info areas with DSOs and Info object. Now I tried to import one of the DSO. I get error message.

Please find the attached screenshot.

I googled it and found that

So you need to grant access to this schema to _SYS_REPO user as well.

I created analytical views, calc view earlier. so i dont think i have that problem.
Help is really appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sri BW,

Can you please provide more information.

Is the information "We have BW 7.4 installed on Sy base database" correct ?

If this is the case, we cannot import BW models in HANA. The use case for BW models in HANA is to generate HANA views for BW artifacts in BW on HANA system.

So now let us consider a scenario where the end user wants to generate HANA model for BW  Infocube. For this infocube, there would be several tables generated while creating the infocube.

Once when the user tries to import the models, same tables would be used to generate HANA artifacts. ie., /BIC/* tables would be used to generate Analytic views or Calculation Views.

So if BW is not running on HANA, then this feature is not available.

Also if  BW is 7.4 SP05 and above, we can generate HANA models for BW providers from BW system itself. We need not follow the wizard to import the models.

Thanks and Regards,


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