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Implementing the Enterprise Support in Solution Manager

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Hi Experts,

Can anybody tell me what are the pre requisites to implement Enterprise support in solution manager?

Also let me know what are steps involved in implementing the enterprise support.

Thanks in Advance


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Answers (2)

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Are you referring to SAP's announcement that they are changing from Standard Support to Enterprise Support? I understand that eventually customers will need a Customer Center of Expertise, but that is not initially required.

I believe that customers eventually need to isntall SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition, which is an add-on that can be applied to Solution Manager 7.0 SP 15. By the time SAP releases SP 18, everyone will have the Enterprise Edition of Solution Manager.

I believe that you also need to have a connection between your Solution Manager and SAP set up so that you can open up customer messages from your Solution Manager system.

The biggest problem I am having is determining the minimum requirements needed by January 1, 2009.

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Hello Hari,

In order to implement Enterprise Support your organization should registered as a Value Added Reseller(VAR) with SAP. You can get all the required documentation under --> Information for VARs, ASPs and AHPs which is in the left hand side of the page. However, you need to have a S-user ID of the VAR.

The following are the steps need to perform in implementing the Enterprise Support firmly known as Service Desk for VARs.

1. SAP Solution Manager basic settings (IMG)

a) Initial Configuration Part I

b) Maintain Profile Parameters

c) Maintain Logical Systems

d) Maintain SAP Customer Numbers

e) Initial Configuration Part II

1) Activate BC Set

a) Activate Service Desk BC Set

b) Activate Issue Monitoring BC set

c) Set-up Maintainance optimizer

d) Change online Documentation Settings

e) Activate Solution Manager Services

f) Activate integration with change request Managemnt

g) Define service desk connection in Solution Manager

2)Get components for SAP Service Market place

a) Get SAP Components

3) Get Service Desk Screen Profile

a)generate Business Partener Screen

4)Copy By price list

a)activate Service Desk BC Set

b)Activate Issue Monitoring BC set

c)Set-up Maintainance optimizer

f) Business Add-In for RFC Connections with several SAP customers

g) Business Add-In for RFC Connection of Several SAP Cust. no.

h) Set-Up SAP Support Connection for Customers

i) Assign S-user for SAP Support Portal functionality

j) Schedule Background Jobs

k) Set-Up System Landscape

l) Create Key Users

m) Create Message Processor

2. Multiple SAP Customer Numbers

a) Business Add-In for RFC Connections with several SAP customer numbers

b) Set-Up SAP Support Connection for Customers

3. Data transfer from SAP

a) Data Transfer from SAP

4. Create u201COrganizationu201D Business Partner

5. Service Provider function (IMG)

a) Business Add-In for RFC Connections with several SAP customer numbers

b) Business Add-In for Text Authorization Check

c) Activate BC Set for Service Provider

d) Activate Text Types

e) Adjust Service Desk Roles for Service Provider Menu

6. Service Provider: Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

a) Business Add-In to Process Actions (Post-Processing Framework)

b) Activate BC Sets for Configuration

c) Create Hierarchy and Product Category

d) Set-Up Subcategories

e) Create Business Partner as Person Automatically

f) Set-Up Automatic Confirmation of Messages

g) Maintain Business Partner Call Times

h) Set-Up Incident Management Work Center

7. Work Center (Web UI)

a) Activate Solution Manager Services

b) Assign Work Center Roles to Users

Hope it helps.