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Implementing PIDX in XI using RNIF Adapter

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Hi Everyone,

I am working on implementation of a PIDX Business Process in XI.I am using BPM and RNIF Adapter.I know the PIP code defined by PIDX (e.g P11,P21,P31..etc.) for its transactions but I dont know the PIP parameters Details which I need to specify in RNIF Adapter Configuration.As these are not Rosettanet PIPs.So they are not there in the ROSETTANET Business Package.Is there any other package where I can find these PIPs or any source which can give me the PIP parameter details.

Vanita Thareja

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Answers (4)

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Hi All,

Would like to share your thoughts on using XI for PIDX implementation. We are moving towards it. Appreciate your response

Thank you.

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Hi Vanita,

RNIF adapters support the data communication standard – RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF) defined by RosettaNet. This standard defines RNIF protocols version 1.1 and 2.0. The RNIF adapters 1.1 and 2.0 are based on these protocols.

The adapters change the XI message format to the required RosettaNet message format. The adapters also change the format of messages from partner systems to the XI system.

You use RNIF adapters to send messages between the Integration Server and a RosettaNet-compliant system.

Please refer to the replay of following webinar on Know-how network calls that has live demo on how to configure the RNIF Adapter.

For more information about RNIF you can also visit, :


There are 3 software components related to RosettaNet that are offered by SAP:




The component ROSETTANET contains mainly the definitions of the PIP's, while the components ROSETTANET ERP and ROSETTANET CRM contain (most importantly) the mappings against the respective SAP backend (CRM or ERP).

If you look for complete support of PIP's including the mapping to the backend (IDoc or BAPI) you need to check which PIP's are supported in ROSETTANET CRM or ROSETTANET ERP. Here the document you find following the link in the SAP service marketplace is correct. As of today SAP offers mappings for the following PIP's:








If you are only interested in the PIP definition, you need to check the content of the component ROSETTANET (here you don't find the latest information on the service marketplace). In general, SAP is working on making all PIP's available in that component. If you are missing some PIP you can contact SAP, e.g. via this forum and the PIP's will be added and made available very soon.

Currently you find the following PIP's:


PIP3A1, 3A2, 3A4, 3A6, 3A7, 3A8, 3A9

PIP3B2, 3B12, 3B13, 3B14

PIP3C3, 3C4, 3C6

PIP4A1, 4A5

PIP5C1, 5C2, 5C3, 5C4

PIP6C1, 6C2

Also important to mention is that SAP works with some partners that also offer mappings for some PIP's, for example 3C4 and the PIP6C* series.

I hope the information provided has helped you clear all doubts.



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Hi abhy,

Thanks a lot.But I think I should make my point more clear.I need PIP specification for PIDX PIPs P11,P21 etc.I have the Rosettanet PIP details already there in Rosettanet BP.I think it is possible to use any Industry Standard Business Process with RNIF Adapter.So I need PIDX PIP details which are not there in Rosettanet BP.


Vanita Thareja

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Hi Abhy,

Do you have any information regarding PIDX PIPs P21,P31?

Where can I get the specification for these PIPs??

If anyone has implemented PIDX PIP using RNIF Adapter please do help me..


Vanita Thareja

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Hi Vanitha,

Download the PIDX content from Service Marketplace page at the Link Bleow:

Support Packages and Patches

Support Packages and Patches>SAP Content> Process Integration Content (XI Content)> XI CONTENT PIDX->XI CONTENT PIDX 1.0


The software component XI Content PIDX contains:

Industry standard interface definitions, Message interfaces based on industry standard interface definitions

The import of XI Content is described in SAP Note 705541 - XI 3.0 (SP1 and higher): Importing XI Content.



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Hi Prasad,

Thanks for your reply..But I have already imported that software component.It contains Message Interface definitions.But I need PIP details and PIDX PIPs are not there.I have downloaded ROSETTANET BP also.It contains all PIPs which have communication channel templates also.To Implement PIDX using RNIF Adapter I need to fill PIDX PIP Details in RNIF Adapter.But these PIPS are not there in PIDX BP.


Vanita Thareja